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JVC Tiny Phones Pink headphones HA-KD10

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Product Information:

Pink JVC Tiny Phones children’s headphones. These kids headphones from JVC come in this lovely pink colour making them ideal for young girls.
The Pink JVC Tiny Phones (HA-KD10) come with a built in sound limiter to stop your child listening to any audio or music too loud.

Item Description

JVC Tiny Phones headphones are headphones specifically designed for kids. These Pink JVC Tiny Phones are perfect for any kids who love the colour pink.

These kids headphones are not only designed to fit your children’s head correctly but they come with built in safety measures, such as they have a limits on the maximum sound volume with the built in sound limiter so your child can’t have their music too loud to damage their hearing.

They also have comfortable soft earpads and are a compact size for kids.

These JVC Tiny Phones in Pink are ideal for portable DVD players, audio players or handheld games.

JVC  HA-KD10 headphones are not suitable for any children under the age of 3 years old.

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