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Sennheiser Headphones with Mic and remote 504163

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Headphones with Mic and remote 504163

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The PX 200-IIi immerses you in great Sennheiser sound. Theclosed speakers provide excellent isolation from outside noises so you canenjoy a superb listening experience without being disturbed – or disturbingothers. Strong neodymium magnets ensure low sound distortion to deliverpowerful Sennheiser stereo and boost the quality of all your MP3s.Anotherbig highlight is the smart in-line remote control with microphone that worksperfectly with the latest generations of iPod iPhone or the iPad.. You cancontrol the volume answer and end calls use the iPhone Voice Control functionand browse and play your music all from a sleek unit located directly on thecord.The PX 200-IIi is very lightweight and thanks to the softleatherette ear pads comfortable to wear for hours on end. When it’s time tostow the headset the PX 200-IIi’s award-winning fold and flip design featuresa unique mechanism that lets you easily fold it up and store it in the suppliedpouch. The steel-reinforced headband ensures lasting strength and durability.Avoidusing headphones with the volume turned up for an extended period of time.Doing so can damage your hearing. It is advisable to keep the volume at amoderate level at all times. For your own safety please do not use whendriving or cyclingFeatures Rugged and robust – steel-reinforced headband with metal joints tested for extreme high durability Portability essentials – comes witha convenient storage pouch for protection and to prevent tangling Madefor latest generations of iPod iPhone and the iPad.

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